I'm looking for info about the reception in Wisconsin. Where can I find that?

At https://wisconsin.petalwedding.com

When and where is the wedding? Is there nearby parking?

See the Event Details page!

[UPDATED] What COVID-19 precautions will be taken?

To reduce the risk for everyone present, we ask that all guests be fully vaccinated (and boosted) against COVID-19, to the extent that vaccines are available. Please contact us if this will be a problem for you or if you have questions.

Updated additional precautions:

[NEW] Do you have any recommendations for things to do in Boston?

See the Suggestions page for our recommendations!

What kind of wedding will this be?

We will be having a Jewish wedding, officiated by Rabbi Andrew Vogel (who did Tal's Bat-Mitzvah way back in 2009). We will start by signing our ketubah, a Jewish wedding contract, then we will have the ceremony and exchange rings under the chuppah, or wedding canopy. Some of you should also be prepared to lift us up in chairs for the hora!

What should I wear? Dress Code?

Dress for a casual daytime summer wedding. Lots of color, dresses, dress pants, and collared shirts are all great. No need to bust out a suit unless you're excited to! Keep in mind that the ceremony will be outside in August, so avoid clothes that will make you miserable in the heat. Our only specific color guidance: avoid wearing a white dress.

What food and drink will be provided?

We will provide a vegetarian lunch from Sam's Spot Catering. The RSVP form asked you for your choice of entree (stuffed pepper or eggplant parm) and asked for your dietary restrictions, which our caterer can accommodate on a person-by-person basis. If you need to inform us of a new or modified dietary restriction, send us an email. We'll let the caterer know!

We won't be serving any alcohol, but we plan to have coffee, tea, and lemonade in addition to water.

Can I bring a Plus One (+1)?

Sorry, but we're not doing +1s. All invited guests were explicitly named in the RSVP form.

What hotels are close to the wedding venue?

 These five hotels are all within walking distance of our venue:

How do I get from the airport to my hotel/the venue?

From the airport, the best way to get to the venue is to board the Silver Line: a bus line that runs from the airport to the subway. It's free to get on when boarding at the airport.

Get off the Silver Line at South Station and switch to the subway. Specifically, the Red Line heading towards Alewife.

Get off the Red Line at Kendall/MIT. The venue is a 15-minute walk from that T stop, and the hotels we recommend are all close to there.

When you're leaving the Red Line at Kendall, we recommend that you purchase a 3-day pass for each person in your party at one of the kiosks. The T isn't free, so you'll need some sort of pass from the kiosk when getting back on the T.

At the end of your visit, just take the T back to South Station and board the Silver Line to the airport. The Silver Line doesn't depart South Station between 1:00am and 5:30am, so if you're taking an awfully early flight, you might want to order a taxi.

Update: Use of the Green Line near the venue will be complicated by the Green Line closure.

Will either of you be changing your name when you get married?

Nope! Neither of us want to.

What is your couple name?

Peter + Tal = Petal. Alternatively, Tal + Peter = Tater. We went with "Petal" for the website url (for now).

If you want to hyphenate our last names for whatever reason, we prefer to put Tal's last name first so it's compatible with iambic pentameter.