Tal and Peter met on the first day of college at MIT through the Discover Ocean Engineering pre-orientation program. These are the very first photos they took of each other!

The first photo Peter ever took of Tal was an accident; he wanted to take a picture of the dinosaur statue by the Museum of Science but was rushed for time. Thus, this blurry photo.

The first photo Tal took of Peter was at the Blue Hills. It was no accident.

They became close friends and went on many adventures together, both in real life and in Dungeons & Dragons. They also acted together often in the MIT Shakespeare Ensemble!

In their sophomore year, Peter and Tal went on their first date to Thelonious Monkfish, a jazz-sushi bar in Central Square, now called the Mad Monkfish. They went on many more dates afterwards, including seeing The Nutcracker at Boston Ballet!

Tal and Peter are very lucky to have made so many excellent friends over the years...

...and to have come from some pretty awesome families!

In April of 2021 after a year of pandemic living, Tal and Peter decided to get married! They celebrated with a delicious chocolate tart.

Peter "officially" proposed to Tal with a bag of gummy peach rings while on a walk by the Charles River.

Tal "officially" proposed back to Peter with a plastic toy ring she's had since childhood after cooking supper.

Peter and Tal are so excited to continue together as husband and wife, and they can't wait to celebrate with all of you!